Road tankers are one of the most recognized means for the conveyance of petroleum products from distribution terminals through to customers. Road tankers designed for the conveyance of petroleum products have a number of unique engineering features, which differentiate them from those used in, for example, the pharmaceuticals or the chemicals industries. A key function of a petroleum road tanker, aside from the safe conveyance of fuels, is the correct interfacing with a loading gantry at a distribution terminal.

The key areas of technical work/responsibility are:

  • Developing and maintaining technical guidance to help ensure that road tankers are designed, maintained, operated and tested in accordance with appropriate safety and environmental legislation, and in a safe manner.

  • Producing technical guidance to assist in the standardization of road tanker equipment.
    Undertaking any necessary research into equipment performance, testing procedures and tanker design.

  • Providing engineering solutions to common technical issues.

  • Disseminating technical information to relevant individuals and companies.